Team Building Global stands out as one of India’s best team building companies, specializing in crafting experiential team building activities and employee engagement programs tailored for both small and large corporate groups. With a focus on customization, we curate diverse and best team building experiences suited to various industries and departments. Our offerings range from fun team building activities, indoor team building activities, and outdoor team building activities to constructive team building games and leadership development programs.

With over 14 years of industry expertise, we’ve honed our approach to incorporate the crucial ‘Fun with Learning Team Building’ element, ensuring that every engagement delivers not just enjoyment but also valuable insights and growth opportunities for the corporate teams.

Our track record speaks volumes, having conducted team building activities for esteemed brands such as Port of Singapore, Kimberly Clarks, HUL, Nestle, L&T, Plum Goodness, General Mills, Reliance Digital, JM Financial, Schreiber Dynamix, and many others, Team Building Global proofs to be one of the best team building companies in India. Beyond India, we extend our services to clients in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the UK, and the USA.

Choose Team Building Global for innovative, impactful, and memorable team building experiences that transcend borders and elevate teamwork to new heights.

A glimpse of our team building activities

Elephant Rockers

Imagine you have a truck like an elephant! Learn to focus with misfunctions with Elephant Rockers

Balloon Burst

Lead your team in the race with this unique fun team building activity of bursting balloons the fun way!

Hoola Hoop Race

Holding each other’s hand, complete the task hands-free to learn the importance of team work.

Water Games

Isn’t it always fun with water games? Indulge into many fun team building games with our unique water games.


Let not the torch drop, complete each task, and pass the baton from one participant to another to dignify team work.


Are you a Sports fan? Indulge in unique Fun Olympic games and learn the fundamentals of Team Building

Treasure Hunt

Solve puzzles, find the clues, and get loaded with the Treasure. This treasure hunt is way too exciting!

Amazing Race

Bored with Desk jobs, it’s time to Run a bit with Amazing Races planned on your offsite

1- Minute Games

A Minute to win is all you have, proof that your team is the best in a minute!

Dress Up Challenge

Like Dressing up! It’s time to dress your colleague up with the best attire!

The Big Picture

Paint your creativity on a canvas, merge jumbled canvas, and make a beautiful Big Picture

Cycle Building

Ever thought of a CSR activity, this is the time to build your cycle and offer it to NGO kids.

Pyramid Building

Put on the Architect’s cap, and build a huge pyramid with unique props.

Bridge Building

Ever thought of building a 100m long bridge with corrugated sheets? Yes, it’s possible with the best team building company in India.

Raft Building

Cross the waters with your raft. Swim across with your team.


Register for the culinary challenge, and cook your best dish with limited ingredients


Learn the music notes, with a fun and engaging team building activity using Boom Whackers

Drum Circle

An entertaining Djembe jamming session, creating a band of Afro drums with Drum circle Team Building

Body Percussion

Create music with your body with these easy body percussion exercises

Escape Room

Trapped in a room, find your escape way out by solving exciting mysteries.

Thanks to all our clients

International Offsite Team Building

Fun Team Building Activities

Looking out for an engaging team-building activity organizer for your group?
Fun team-building activities are expertly crafted games designed to promote organizational values and reinforce the company’s objectives. These activities encompass a blend of enjoyable and educational team-building exercises, aimed at fostering team cohesion and instilling a sense of belonging within the organization.
Targeted Values: Team Work, Time management, Focus, Trust, Collaboration, Communication, Precision, Coordination, & Commitment.

Constructive Team Building Activities

If you and your team are eager to create a product together, then constructive team-building activities are perfect for you. Whether it’s constructing a bridge, a raft, or even a bicycle, these activities involve building substantial structures and emphasize strategic planning and teamwork.
Targeted Values: Strategy Planning, Decision Making, Stress Management, Work Life Balance, Cohesion, Leadership skills, Team Work and Time Management.

Indoor Team Building Activities
Indoor Team Building Activities

Experiential Team Building Activities

Immerse yourself in a truly unique experience with our team-building activities. Connect with nature, energize with power Zumba, groove to Afro drums, and enjoy a musical evening. Embark on an epic treasure hunt, with clues spanning across cities. Explore new locations while engaging in on-the-go team-building activities.
Targeted Values: Stress Management, Networking, Fellowship, Leadership Skills, Team Work, Integrity and Problem Solving Skills.

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Our Client Loves Us

Amol MusaleAmol Musale
15:25 25 Apr 24
They are the best team building activities organizing company in India.. choose them for your events. Till now I have attained many events but abners sir and his team's is really amazing ❣️❣️❤️😍 ....they conduct lots of 🎯 games activity.......full of fun 😊 and all of them will enjoy 💯
Joyeth Singha RoyJoyeth Singha Roy
12:58 24 Apr 24
Good team, course includes fun, entertainment, relaxation, learningSchreiber-karjad-April’24
raghu Kraghu K
12:52 24 Apr 24
Really good and one of the best team building companies. We are Schreiber Dynamic had a great 2 day team building activities and it was superb.
Pravin BhonglePravin Bhongle
12:52 24 Apr 24
Great inspirational
Prashant TiwariPrashant Tiwari
12:51 24 Apr 24
These guys are awesome, one of the greatest team building company. .
Elite MantraElite Mantra
06:19 18 Feb 24
Team Building Global offers a comprehensive range of team building activities aimed at fostering collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among teams. With a diverse portfolio of activities tailored to various team sizes and goals, they provide engaging experiences that cater to different preferences and objectives.Their professionalism in organizing and executing team building events is commendable, ensuring smooth coordination and seamless implementation from start to finish. The company's commitment to delivering high-quality experiences is evident through their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction.Furthermore, Team Building Global's team of facilitators possesses the expertise and skills necessary to guide participants through activities effectively, fostering a positive and impactful learning environment. Their ability to adapt activities to suit different team dynamics and organizational objectives showcases their flexibility and commitment to meeting client needs.
Annie ChettiarAnnie Chettiar
13:14 09 Feb 24
Thank you for organizing such a fantastic team-building activity! It was engaging, fun, and truly effective in strengthening our team dynamics. Your effort in making this happen is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to more such activities in the future!
Vineeth AlmeidaVineeth Almeida
09:32 09 Feb 24
Team Building Global is one of the best team building companies in India... With awesome tram facilitators they work the team building event end to end. We were totally happy with their team building activities and teamwork

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