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Looking for fun team building activities? Team Building Global is a team building company in India that conducts fun team building activities for corporates. Are you tired of internal feuds that hamper your company’s journey to achieve your goals? Team building activities help bridge the miscommunication gap between employees and foster collaboration between employees. Team building companies help to mend employee relationships and contribute to retaining employees in the company. The secret to achieving and building your presence in the market is to build a company with employees with strong passion and collaboration to work towards a common goal of the organization. These team-building activities mentioned below encourage a healthy environment that increases the productivity of the employees, profits of the business, and a positive attitude towards their work.

When a new team is formed or the employees fail to engage, Team Building Global introduces icebreaker games, such games encourage employees to engage and foster relationships to get proficient results when they work as a team:

1. Ice breaker:
Objective: To break the ice between team members who have met for the first time, it is important to have a connection point to start a conversation.
How to play: In this ice- breaker, sheets and pens are distributed and individuals are asked to mention their name, date of birth, and a few qualities on the card sheet and then mingle around and make friends with unknown individuals. As the timer runs out, we pick individuals to remember the qualities of their new friends.
Results: This activity has broken the barriers and coincidentally people have found connections with mutual birth dates and other similar qualities.
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2. Passing the parcel:
Objective: To initiate conversation and build a healthy environment for employees to work in.
How to play: We will pass a ball in the circle, and as the music stops, we remove chits from the bowl forfeit, the chits have amazing funny forfeits which demand introduction as well as engagement.
Result: This activity inculcates fun and engagement between employees.

3. Circle of life:
Objective: To engage employees and help them connect with the company’s objective
How to play: In this, we ask the group to form a circle and have them hold each other’s hands. Then we have an intro of the company’s attributes we indulge them in some simple meditative exercise holding each other hands.
Result: This activity spreads an inner sense of togetherness and joy among colleagues.
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4. The blind square:
Objective: To create a healthy cohesive environment for employee and build a sense of trust.
How to play: In this game team participants are blindfolded and sit in a circle. They are given a rope which is tied together with both ends. The goal of the game is to make a square shape out of the rope by communicating with each other.
Results: Such activities encourage clear communication between the employees.
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5. Name that year:
Objective: To know your colleagues more in an engaging way.
How to play: In this activity, we will put a bunch of chits with different years written on it. The participants can pick that chit and name an experience they had that specific year. Make sure to pick years that work for everyone.
Result: This activity encourages knowing each other.

6. Masterchef contest:
Objective: To create a fun environment and learn teamwork.
How to play: In this activity, a specific range of products is provided. The participants have to make a unique dish in the span of 5 mins. In the end, the different dishes are judged and a winner is announced.
Results: Such activities encourage the innovation skills of an employee and also are fun and engaging activities.
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7. Who are you?
Objective: To know your coworkers and connect with them.
How to play: In this activity, participants write three facts about themself and put it in a bowl, Then the participants have to pick one chit and guess whose facts are.
Results: Such activity encourages employees to understand each other and learn more about each other.

8. Bob The Builder:
Objective: To learn to work with their coworkers
How to play: In this activity, we can provide participants with adequate cardboard boxes, and participants have to build a bridge on which they can walk on.
Results: This activity encourages participants to work together and challenge their innovation skills which will make the bridge work.
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9. Guess the truth:
Objective: To foster a relationship between colleagues and connect with each other better
How to play: In this activity, the participant gets to say one true thing about themself and two lies. The other participants have to guess the truth.
Results: This team activity fosters employee relationships.

10. Shark tank:
Objective: To challenge participants and deal with innovative skills.
How to play: Shark Tank has left a huge impact on its audience and has encouraged the audience to take an interest in start-ups. This is a simulation of a shark tank, where teams invent a product from props relevant to their industry and need to pitch the product to the sharks. Each team needs to create a product. The winner gets the funding. Check this video here: Corporate Anchor Abner Dias
Results: This activity creates a healthy environment for employees to work in by providing a team-building activity that challenges their skills and upgrades the same.

11. Tech-enabled Games:
Objective: To provide a spectacular experience for employees to engage in a high-tech way.
How to play: You can do a tech-enabled game where people can enter a metaverse and play the team-building game. This can be fun and can go on for around 2-3 hours. Here we can divide the team and have a theme to it.
There are games like Pictionary, lost in the Maze, and treasure hunts.
Results: This activity provides an alternate platform for employees to engage.

12. Treasure hunt:
Objective: To experience a fun bonding activity with coworkers.
How to play: A treasure hunt where all the treasures are supported with a secret code. And to solve the codes the participants need to solve the clues/ riddles hidden at different locations in the venue. A fun and exciting activity for team members.
Results: Such an experience fosters employees relationship.

13. Who’s this?
Objective: To encourage employees to engage with each other more.
How to play: In this activity, participants will be given different nametags which they’ll put on their foreheads. Make pairs and one of the participants will put the name tag on their head, while the other partner must help in guessing by only replying yes and no. For instance, the participant with the nametag might ask” Is this person an actor?” so their partner can only reply with a yes or no.
Results: Such activity creates a fun learning environment to connect with their company and colleagues.

14. Chinese Whisper:
Objective: To explain to employees the importance of direct and clear communication.
How to play: In this activity, participants make a line and tell the person standing in the front to pass a specific sentence to the person next to them, and so on. Ask the person at the end of the line to announce the sentence loudly. The original sentence will be distorted. This activity can represent how clear communication is crucial.
Results: Such activity can represent an amazing representation of how drastic effects can happen with clear communication.

15. Mark your territory:
Objective: To boost an employee’s creativity skills.
How to play: In this activity, make teams of four participants and ask them to paint a flag resembling their team. Such activity brings employees together and encourages employees to have open communication and also express their creativity.
Results: This boosts employee synergy and creativity.
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16. Charades:
Objective: To encourage teamwork and build better connections.
How to play: In this activity, you must make two teams. Team A selects one player from Team B and picks a movie. That selected player must explain the game without talking and only with gestures. The team that guessed the most number of movie wins.
Results: This creates a platform for employee interaction.

17. Work with your buddy:
Objective: To create quality experience for employees.
How to play: In this activity, make pairs of participants, and their one leg will be tied with each other. They will be given multiple tasks to perform together as a team.
Results: Such an activity deeply contributes to building trust with your coworker and teaches how to work together.

18. Journey lane:
Objective: To build a better connection with a company.
How to work: For this particular activity, provide your team with a board that has different topics such as “Our first project together” or “Our first achievement as a team”. The participants in the team can add their own perceptions or photos. Such activities will harness team bonding and make your team look back at how far you have come and achieved as a team.
Results: It builds a deeper connection and makes employees feel more belonging to the firm.

19. Complete this story:
Objective: To focus on achieving a better fun platform for employees to connect.
How to play: In this activity, Each participant will contribute one sentence to a story and make up a new story by the end.
Results: This activity will leave a fun experience and team-bonding experience for participants.

20. Bucket list:
Objective: To learn about their employee more.
How to play: In this activity, everyone on the team will share one thing on their bucket list. Results: This activity encourages employees to understand each other on a deeper level.

21. Lights, camera, Action:
Objective: To explore new fun team bonding experiences with their employees.
How to play: In this activity, make two teams and both will be given a topic to make a film on. Both teams will be competing with each other and creating a fun art piece that will mold a remarkable memory.
Results: This activity brings employees together and learns new skills.

22. What’s on my desk?
Objective: To build a better fun connection with coworkers.
How to play: In this activity, the participants submit a photo to the host, and the other participants have to guess what is on their desks the person who guesses the most number of desks correctly wins.
Results: This activity makes fun of team building.

23. The two faces of the coin:
Objective: To foster a strong bond between employees.
How to play: In this activity, we make pairs and they share one negative story that happened to them and share one positive outcome of the same story.
Results: This activity nurtures a meaningful connection.

24. Smile for the photo!
Objective: To experience a fun activity and break the ice between employees.
How to play: In this activity, two teams will be made. Both teams have 5 mins of time to take photos of a bunch of activities as a team. For instance, this could include a teammate holding a slogan, A cat, or a chair.
Results: This activity will definitely deliver an unforgettable experience for employees.
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25. Tug of war:
Objective: This game signifies and teaches the power of unity and the right technique to use to win.
How to play: In this activity, there are two teams. Team A will be on one side and Team B will be on the opposite side. There should be a red mark in the middle whoever pulls the towards themself wins.
Results: This experience will bring employees closer and teach a salient experience to them as well.
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26. Jigsaw puzzle:
Objective: To teach employees how teamwork is important.
How to play: In this activity, two teams are made and both teams are given a jigsaw puzzle to solve but the challenge is that both teams’ jigsaw puzzles are small parts of each other and they can negotiate with jigsaw pieces, and the team members.
Results: This activity might leave an impact on employees on how teamwork is important to achieve success.

27. Let’s play dress up:
Objective: To establish a fun experience with colleagues.
How to play: In this activity, 4 teams will be made and they’ll be given a newspaper. Participants have to choose one member and dress them up with newspaper attempting to recreate any superhero’s costume.
Results: Such activity provides a stress-free platform where employees can connect and grow their creative skills.

28. Fold it up:
Objective: To learn how to work with a colleague successfully.
How to play: In this game, a piece of cardboard is given for a pair to stand at. If any pair falls the cardboard is folded up into even a smaller piece.
Results: This activity delivers a fun but learning team bonding experience.

29. Suddenly:
Objective: To deepen the employee connection.
How to fun: In this activity, an individual starts with a story and “suddenly” takes a U-turn. Any participant has the opportunity to say “suddenly” and add a new twist.
Results: This activity is a fun corporate team bonding activity that fosters an employee’s relationship.

30. Invent and pitch:
Objective: To develop new skills and have a fun experience along with it.
How to play: In this activity, you can provide your team with a bunch of products, and participants are given 15-30 mins to make an innovative product out of it and pitch the judges how the product is necessary.
Results: This activity polishes an employee’s skills.
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31. Game of perception:
Objective: To understand how perception could differ.
How to play: In this activity, make two teams and provide both of them with a series of photos that portray a story. The team has to choose one teammate who has to describe the story of those perceptions.
Results: This activity encourages employees to connect by understanding other perceptions.
32. Don’t smile:
Objective: To nurture an exceptional experience.
How to play: In this game, make a group of participants and Stare at each other but the plot is that they cannot smile. Whoever keeps the straight face longer wins.
Results: This activity encourages employees to engage with each other in a fun way

33. Hop the hula hoop:
Objective: To connect with colleagues better and learn more about each other.
How to play: In this game, make a circle of participants and ask them to go through the hula hoop continuously, and if anyone fails to do so(trips or anything as such). They have to attempt a forfeit.
Results: This activity motivates employees to learn about each other more.
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34. Meditate through your way:
Objective: To deal with situations in much better ways.
How to play: In this activity, you could hire a professional who has expertise in meditation to lead the participants and teach them some exercises that will help them process different work situations.
Results: This activity will provide employees with different ways to deal with a situation.

35. Dance up:
Objective: To provide employees with a fun experience and loosen up after a stressful day.
How to play: In this activity, you could hire a professional and lead participants to loosen up for the Zoomba session.
Results: This activity will foster better employee engagement.

36. See it, sell it:
Objective: To improve the skills of employees.
How to play: In this activity, participants have to sell the first thing they see.
Results: Improved interpersonal skills.
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37. Simple introduction:
Objective: To know your colleagues well.
How to act: A simple introduction can hold the power to bring employees together and could be nice simple icebreaker activity
Results: Improved collaboration skills.

38. Volunteer in a community:
Objective: To connect employees to their company and their community.
How to play: You can volunteer with your team in a community which requires help. This can increase connection and embark a deeper connection between employees, the company, and their community. Also plays a huge role in learning how the company can impact employees majorly.
Results: This will remind employees how a contribution to a committee plays a crucial role.

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