If you are planning to have a team building event in your organisation then please don’t forget to add a session of outdoor team building activities to your program. There is a simple reason to this. Mostly companies conduct very strategic and goal-oriented team building events, but if you don’t give your team a flavour of fun and learning activities then the team building session stays incomplete. There is a different perception towards outdoor team building events, yes definitely there is a lot of physical movement involved in outdoor team building activities but you can blend music and concepts like wackers and afro drums to it.

Let’s discuss the flow of a team building event, usually companies on an offsite have conferences and speaker sessions in the first of the day, but if you have worked with the best team building companies in India, they mix the strategic element in their team building activities. On Day 1, one major team building could be done which inclines towards the company goals and day 2 can be outdoor fun team building activities denoted towards employee cohesion. These indoor team building activities focus aligning the team with the company goals these activities can be few things like bridge building, building a city with Lego’s, canvas paintings etc.. And the next day can be spent in open air with team bonding activities which focuses on employee relations. These can be a mix of Olympics, relays, water games, beach soccer and a lot more.

Fun outdoor team building activities are basically these 10mins fun games which emphasises on basic values which are required for day-to-day operations of a company. Like a blind caterpillar focuses on trust and coordination skills, relays are more towards team unity and cohesion. Indirectly, team building companies are constantly in the run to impart such values through innovative and enjoyable team building activities.

Apart from fun, let’s look at workshops like perfume making isn’t that a team building event. Ofcourse, Team building companies also focus on activity-based workshops based on defined groups. For a women centric group certain specific team building workshops could be conducted like baking, chocolate making. Or for smaller groups – leadership team building like perfume making, candle making or toy making for contribution towards CSR can be driven.

Camping, scuba diving, wildlife safari can be a part of some offbeat team building event activities. Overall, Fun team building activities are not limited to fun they have much a larger purpose. It helps in building the bond among the employees. Apart from these traditional outdoor activities one can also opt for offbeat adventure outdoor activities in themed park or just go on a wildlife adventure. There are endless possibilities when it comes to outdoor team building activities in India, the priority is that the agenda matters and good facilitators are a turn around to provide you with an unforgettable team bonding experience. For more such outdoor team building events contact www.teambuildingglobal.in or call +91 7738299507.

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