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Team Building Event Organisers is considered to be a mandate in any corporation or office space. It helps to build bonds among the people of a team, helps them to effectively communicate with each other, and facilitates more effective coordination between them. But team building through seminars or lengthy dialogue-based exercises is largely considered to be boring and sometimes even completely ineffective. But there is a more effective way to establish bonds between workers which is to play entertaining games. Even with this method, it can be somewhat challenging when working with a large group of people to successfully boost team spirit. To give you a helping hand, here are some games which are useful to establish bonds among larger groups of people. Team building companies in India make use the below games.

1) Blind Drawing:

This game is useful as it makes one or more group members act as eyes for one another. To begin with this game, you’ll need: A board to draw on (Whiteboards, Blackboards, and even large Papers will work), things to write with such as markers, pens, pencils, etc, and a completely opaque cloth which is also lengthy.

As the name suggests, the objective is to draw while blind. The entire group has to be divided into smaller sub-groups to add a level of competitiveness to the game. Each group has to then choose a member as their representative. This member will be blindfolded, and a single prompt will be displayed to all the teams, which can be any object. Once a timer is set for an appropriate duration, the team must tell the blindfolded representative how to draw the given object, but the obvious catch is they cannot tell the representative what the prompted object is. At the end of the duration or when each representative has drawn, the judge/anchor will examine each and name the best drawing in their opinion, the winner.

2) Knotted Up:-

This game is convenient as it requires no equipment, just an open area. To play Human Knot, have everyone form a circle and face each other. Instruct everyone to extend their right hand and grasp the right hand of someone else. Then have them repeat with their left hand. The end effect should be a massive human knot. The goal is to unravel the knot without releasing go of anyone’s hand. This game encourages communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

3) Obstacle Course:-

This is a similar game to Blind Drawing. First, set up a rectangular area. Scatter obstacles such as plastic bottles, various squeaky toys, or any objects which make a noise when stepped on in the rectangular area. Again, divide the group up into teams and select one or more representatives, whichever is seen fit. The representatives must be blindfolded and made to walk across the rectangular area, whilst being instructed by their teammates outside the rectangle. If they step on an object, they must start again and whichever team’s representative reaches the opposite side of the rectangle wins the game. This game encourages and improves communication among team members.

4) Egg Dropping:

The popular team-building game Egg Drop may be played with any number of participants. Divide the party into three or four teams to play Egg Drop. Each team receives a raw egg as well as a limited supply of supplies such as straws, tape, and paper. The goal is to create a device that will keep the egg from cracking when dropped from a high position. This game encourages creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

5) Egg Race:

Another egg-related team-building game is Egg Race. (Feel free to sympathize with the eggs). Divide the gathering into four or five teams to play Egg Race. Each team is given a raw egg as well as a supply of supplies such as cardboard, tape, and paper. The goal is to construct a device that will allow an egg to roll down a ramp and across a set finish line without cracking. This game encourages creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

6) ANY Scavenger Hunt:

Do you want to save the effort of explaining a too-complex game to people? Well, a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt is the way to go. Preparation for this game can be tricky but it’s pretty straightforward. Select a set of items (These items can be personalized to the group to add a sense of passion to the game). Hide these items in and around the chosen venue and prepare a flow of clues that lead each team from one item to the next eventually to the last. Each team should ideally have a different set of items to avoid confusion. One clue should lead to another, eventually leading to one final item. The team that finds their final item first, wins.

7) Tower Building:

Tower Building is a team-building game that may be played with a large or small group of individuals. Divide the group into three or four teams to play Tower Building. Each team is given a set of resources, such as straws, spoons, forks, and toothpicks, as well as a specified length of time to complete their task which is to construct the most towering tower as possible with just the resources handed to them. The tower must be self-supporting and cannot be supported by any team member. This game encourages creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

To summarise, team building is critical for every organization’s success, and these seven team-building games are a terrific method to encourage cooperation, communication, and trust within a large group. All the above-listed games are entertaining and interesting exercises that may be tailored to various group sizes and venues. You can assist to develop a healthy and effective team culture that encourages trust, communication, and cooperation by using these games for your team-building activities.

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